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Whether you have a postage-stamp yard or sprawling acreage, landscaping your property increases a house’s curb appeal and can make the outdoor space as usable as a family’s indoor space.
A walkway, for example, will be used every time a homeowner or a guest enters the home. Paving stones, or pavers, can make decorative, permanent walkways of any size, and can also cover larger areas for a patio.
Better pavers, which cost between $3 and $5 per square foot, will come with a warranty that includes resistance to de-icing products and protects the color of the pavers. Spend the extra money on a better paver – a lower-end paver is between $2 and $3 per square foot and may not come with a warranty. A walkway or patio should last for decades, so spending a little bit more money in the short-term will end up being a better investment in the long-term.

( Per square foot pricing does not include delivery, excavation, construction and compaction of the base, polymeric sand and installation, as well as all of the labor involved to properly install all of the materials. )

The grout between the pavers should be polymeric sand, which sets up hard but allows for flexibility between the joints. Polymeric sand also limits the weeds and grass that can grow in the cracks.
But the most important part of installing a walkway or a patio made of pavers is what lies beneath. Insufficient excavation and a poor foundation for the pavers will cause major problems both short- and long-term. Skimping on the time and labor to sufficiently excavate the area will only cost money later with inevitable repairs or re-installation.
A licensed and insured contractor with experience laying pavers is the best investment you can make to ensure a walkway or patio will stand the test of time. A legitimate contractor will be prepared to show a homeowner his references and examples of his work. The cheapest guy in town is probably not the guy that’s going to stand behind his work with a guarantee.

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